Tacómetro Autometer C2 – Autometer #7299

Tacómetro Autometer C2 – Autometer #7299

Autometer Monster Shift-Lite 5″ Tachometer C2 Series – Wicked blue light cuts through dark mist and tire smoke as a state-of-the-art power plant is brought up to full throttle. The tachometer’s glowing pointer smoothly edges towards 7,000 rpm. and 1320 feet and in less than 12 seconds, then silence. This is where cool blue calculation meets red-hot performance. This is C2. It is a 5″ shift light tachometer, blue light, LED powered luminescent technology, contrasting hot accents, and a matching assortment of C2 stepper motor gauges is what you need. The C2 tachometer features precision air-core movement, engineered to provide extreme accurate readings under harsh conditions. Shift into a new light. C2 is what’s hot.


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