Boost GlowShift 30 PSI – GS-C701

Glow Shift Boost


 Reloj de Presion de Turbo GlowShift 30 PSI – GlowShift Boost

GlowShift’s Black 7 Color Boost Gauge offers a unique combination of a high performance features including multiple backlit colors, a black face with a clear lens and color recall technology while still offering an affordable price. This model reads boost up to 30 PSI, as well as the engine’s vacuum and compression levels between -30 to 0 inHG. This gauge is perfect to be used on any vehicle that has a turbo or supercharger, whether it is factory or aftermarket. Each black faced gauge sports a red illuminated needle with a full 270 degree sweep of the entire gauge allowing maximum accuracy.


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Nakatech Racing

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