Bomba de Nafta Aeromotive Eliminator 11104


Fuel Pump Aeromotive Eléctrica 11104 – Aeromotive 11104

This continuous duty Aeromotive “street warrior” supports big horsepower and maintains the drivability necessary for a true high performance street car. Designed for high horsepower street/strip applications, EFI or Carbureted, it features our “dual chamber” pumping mechanism.

Fuel Injected Engines:
up to 1900 HP – naturally aspirated
up to 1400 HP – forced air induction

Carbureted Engines:
up to 2300 HP – naturally aspirated
up to 1700 HP – forced air induction

• ORB-12 inlet port and ORB-10 outlet port.
• For EFI applications use regulator P/N 13110, carbureted P/N 13212.
• Fully submersible for custom, in-tank placement.
• 25% more flow at pressure than our A1000 Fuel Pump.
• Perfect for “blow-through” carbureted engines up to 1700 HP.
• Billet Speed Pump Controller (P/N 16306) recommended for EFI street applications.

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