Bobina Msd Blaster 8207 – Seca – 40.000 Volts

Bobina Msd Blaster 8207 – 40.000 Volts


  • Improved output coil for electronic ignitions, and MSD Ignitions
  • Efficient winding design and assembly creates a compact housing
  • Primary and secondary windings are encased in Ciba polyurethane
  • 70:1 turns ratio and lower primary resistance produce high voltage output
  • Dupont Rynite housing with a tall tower and brass primary terminals
  • CARB E.O. Approved
Coil Specs
Turns ratio: 70:1
Primary resistance: .355 OHMs
Secondary resistance: 4.4K OHMs
Inductance: 6.9 mH
Maximum voltage: 40,000 Volts
Peak current: 300 mA
Spark duration: 220 uS
Weight: N/A
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