Autometer Ultimate Playback 9,000 RPM – Autometer #6874

Tacometro Autometer Ultimate Silver Playback 9,000 RPM – Autometer #6874


The Ultimate playback tachometers from Autometer utilize features that make them the most powerful tachometers that money can buy. With the highest sampling rate available (100 times per second!), they offer unmatched accuracy and reliability. They also feature four separate recording functions (including 20-second burnout, unlimited pre-race, and 20-second run), a 4-stage Shift-Lite, a fully automated recording sequence, pause, reverse, and fast-forward settings, and downloading capability. They are available in both single and dual range, with 9,000-11,000 rpm redlines, and their color options include black and silver. The Tach Facts software can be downloaded from the Autometer web site.

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